Tuesday 8th April

Garden Talk: Roy Lancaster on travels in China – Dove Trees, Pandas and the French missionary who made them known to the world

In April 2012, Roy returned once more to China after an absence of close to twenty years.  He had been invited by a Japanese plant explorer friend to join him in the mountains of Sichuan province – Panda country, though their intention was to search for trees, plants and flowers rather than that well known but notoriously elusive mammal. They only had a week at their disposal so having spent their first night in Chengdu, Sichuan’s capital, they left early the next morning heading SW intent on seeing as much as possible.  In his talk, Roy will describe and illustrate some of the plants and people encountered as they explored the forests and deep valleys of the Hengduan Mts of W. Sichuan and will include stunning alpine primulas, the legendary Chinese Hellebore and an extraordinary golden Daphne new to science.
Gathering at 12.30pm for 1.00pm.
£85.00 per head, aperitif, 3 courses and drinks inclusive.
Smart casual.
To book or for further information please contact our Event Co-ordinator Hannah Boulton on 01342 810567 or hannah@gravetyemanor.co.uk.